Computational Mechanics in the UK: 2007

Glasgow: 2nd & 3rd April 2007

A selection of photographs taken at the event. Click for a larger version.
DSC00387.JPG DSC00389.JPG DSC00391.JPG DSC00392.JPG DSC00393.JPG DSC00394.JPG
DSC00395.JPG DSC00396.JPG DSC00397.JPG DSC00398.JPG DSC00399.JPG DSC00400.JPG
DSC00401.JPG DSC00402.JPG DSC00403.JPG DSC00404.JPG DSC00405.JPG DSC00406.JPG
DSC00407.JPG DSC00408.JPG DSC00411.JPG DSC00412.JPG DSC00414.JPG DSC00415.JPG
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Competition Results
The following prizes were awarded at ACME2007: